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3) Outback Steakhouse

It’s gimmicky bordering on tacky, but once the steak arrives you’re usually willing to overlook the fact that your server seems to use a forced Aussie accent and you’re pissed off about how everyone who said they didn’t want any appetizers sure didn’t hesitate to devour YOUR Bloomin’ Onion.


2) I.H.O.P.

The ultimate hangover cure, there’s something magical about pancakes that just makes them almost impossible to screw up. Whether you’re here to grab a quick breakfast or taking advantage of the fact that it’s open 24 hours, chances are you’ll find yourself dining alongside an odd assemblage of characters. Because some of the other people who eat at IHOP are so bizarre it’s easy to look at the restaurant as a hangout for crazy people and loser, with you being the exception of course.


1) Claim Jumper

The one thing you know when you sit down at a Claim Jumper is that you’re going to be getting about three times the food it actually requires to fill you up. And, when you look around the crowded booths and packed tables of the old-timey western themed dining room, you’ll start to notice an alarming trend…almost everyone at Claim Jumper is horribly overweight. But, you can quickly push that observation aside as you scan through the menu of roughly a gazillion items, most of which seem to come with gravy. Even though you know it’s terrible for you, and every single sign is telling you eating here is the first step down a road to wearing sweatpants in public, you just can’t help yourself. Gravy is way too delicious.

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