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5) Hot Dogs


Some kids like them plain, some kids like them in a bun, some want them on a stick and rolled in cornmeal. Regardless of the form, every kid loves hot dogs. Even those a-hole hippie kids like tofu dogs or veggie dogs or whatever the hell it is they eat.

6) Cheese Pizza

While some kids like pepperoni and others clamor for Hawaiian style, one thing is certain: every kid can agree upon the deliciousness of a plain cheese pizza.

7) Fruit Roll-ups


Fruit Roll-ups keep getting better and better. Before the wacky playfulness of shapes and letters to peel out, kids wrapped them around their fingers, jammed a wadded-up ball of pressed fruit in their mouth, or ate them in long, fruity strips. There’s no wrong way to enjoy a Fruit Roll-up — just make sure you don’t leave any stuck in your teeth.

8) Ketchup


It pretty much doesn’t matter what you serve it with — ketchup is the ultimate way to masquerade a kid-unfriendly menu item. Hell, you could squirt some of the red stuff on top of eel nigiri and chances are your kid will be clamoring for more.

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