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Let’s face it, most kids are picky little bastards. You put something as divine as a scallop and some creamed spinach in front of them and they look at you with a crinkled nose and a “who farted” expression on their face. When that happens, it’s time to sigh and bust out the following 8 foods. While they’re not the most nutritious, organic, or healthy fare you can feed a kid, you’ll know for a fact that he or she will happily chow down on these foods they’re hard-wired to like.

1) Teddy Grahams


There’s literally nothing not to like about Teddy Grahams. They come in a variety of delicious flavors and are shaped like adorable little bears. Kids go apeshit over bear-shaped foods.

2) Popsicles


It’s an “owie” fixer, a solution to unbearably hot days, a remedy for a sore throat, a memory of the Fourth of July. No matter the occasion or situation, your kid will want a popsicle — regardless of its taste, shape or form.

3) Capri-Sun


They come in a crapload of flavors and are packaged in that all-too-familiar silver baggie. The cool kids would turn their Capri-Suns upside down and punch a hole in the bottom, proving to their onlookers that hell, yes they were going to finish the entire juice box in one sitting.

4) Apple Slices


Cold, crunchy and sweet, apple slices are 100% kid approved. Slather those bad boys with peanut butter or caramel and you’ve just upped your approval rating by an additional 50%.

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