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4) Double Decker Taco / Anything from “Fourth Meal” (Taco Bell)


You know that a hemphead giggled with delight when he came up with the “ingenious” idea of wrapping a taco in a taco. If the Double Decker Taco still doesn’t sway you, keep in mind that Taco Bell has introduced “Fourth Meal,” a menu of food items designed for customers who frequent the restaurant at “I’m stoned off my ass” o’clock.

3) McGriddle (McDonald’s)

Who else but a raging pothead could conjure up a breakfast sandwich of bacon, egg and American cheese enveloped between maple syrup-injected mini pancakes? The only thing keeping the McGriddle at number 3 on our list is the fact that most stoners can’t get up before 10:30 am to order them.

2) Slyders (White Castle)


Come on, bite-sized hamburgers that cost fifty cents and soak the bottom of the bag with greasy, steam-grilled awesomeness? If you’re still not convinced, I have seven little words for you: Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

1) Famous Bowl (KFC)


The only thing that could possibly edge out a menu item that is the entire basis for a stoner film is a bowl full of whatever edible item a pothead could get his hands on and slop together. Chicken? Yeah man. Corn? Pitted, so pitted. Mashed potatoes? Fo shiz. Gravy? Whoa. Top it all with cheese? Duuuuuude. The only thing that would make the Famous Bowl a more obvious stoner food is if it were called the Blunt Bowl or the Munchie Mix.

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