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5) Pasties

Also known as Ye Olde Hot Pocket, the pasty is pastry dough filled with savory ingredients like diced or minced beef, onions and potatoes. It’s like portable home cookin’, and it’s as comforting as a hand-held pot pie.

6) Turnovers


Turnovers, or Triangle Pockets, are tri-fold flakes of dough encased over some sort of ingredient. While many turnovers are traditionally sweet, they can also contain beef or chicken. Their varying size ensures you can potentially polish off a dozen or so of these suckers before realizing that you’ve eaten more caloric equilateral triangles than you’d care to admit.

7) Empanada

Lovingly referred to as triangulos calientes by our Spanish-speaking amigos, empanadas are popular in Spain and Latin America. They’re basically fat little triangle/half moon-shaped pastries that can be stuffed with pretty much anything you can think of. There are fish empanadas, beef empanadas, potato empanadas…hell, we’re pretty sure that empanada-stuffed empanadas exist (and they’re probably wonderful).

8) Samosas

Chutney Pockets, or samosas, are essentially the Indian/southeast Asian love child of the empanada and the pasty. They consist of fried little pastry shapes that are filled with savory goodness. Samosas typically have some spice to them, enabling you to work up a sweat while stuffing your face.

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