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​Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days, which explains the long lines at drive-ups at McDonald’s and Taco Bell. It’s true that not having to go into a restaurant is definitely convenient. Hell, it’s easy to stay in your car and just tell them what you want, pay for the greasy bag and simply drive off. That’s why so many people do it. But drive-up windows at fast-food restaurants are not without glitches and the subsequent dangers that follow. Here’s a look at a few things that can go wrong, and often do, when ordering from your car window.

1) Napkins Would Be Nice

Have you ever got about a block away from the restaurant and realized that the spaced-out teenager at the drive-up window forgot to put napkins in the bag? Of course, you have. It happens to everyone that hits the drive-up for burgers, tacos or whatever. What? Do these employees think that cars are equipped with napkin dispensers? Maybe in order to increase sales, the big American automakers should install nifty napkin holders on the dashboard of their upcoming models. Now there’s an idea that Americans could embrace–since we spend so much time eating in our cars!

2) Too Many Distractions

There’s been much media attention given recently to the dangers of using cell phones while driving, especially the perilous act of texting while driving. But stuffing a double cheeseburger in your mouth while looking for that lost French fry on the floorboard is just as dangerous as texting your BFF. Even worse is when someone tries to eat a goopy bean burrito while having an animated conversation on a cell phone. Yikes! Watch out! Ford Motor Co. recently made a television commercial about these dangers, saying that their new trucks can protect you from such idiotic behavior.

3) The Lost Fry

Speaking of lost fries. Have you ever dropped a French fry between your seats while cruising down the road? Of course, you have. Anyone who eats fried spuds in their car has most certainly dropped a greasy fry in a hard-to-reach place. Usually that lost fry can never be found when you try looking for it when the car is parked, so what makes you think you can find it while zipping down the freeway? In general, eating in your car is a good way to depreciate the value of your vehicle because “dining cars” often are pocked with grease stains and bits of dropped lettuce and breadcrumbs.

4) Is That Mayo on Your Tie?

There’s no doubt that eating in your car trashes the interior. But what about that nice suit you are wearing for a big interview? You know the story: You spend all morning getting your resume and cover letter squared away, and you simply don’t have time to eat breakfast. So, you hit the drive-up at the local burger shack for a quick lunch, which you end up wearing on that freshly pressed shirt and silk tie. Nothing says “slob” to a potential employer like grease stains on your clothes.

5) Rush Hour at the Drive-up

Isn’t the drive-up supposed to be quicker than going inside to get your food? At least that is the general idea. Yet, more often than not, the drive-up is like a rush-hour traffic jam, with long lines winding around the corner. There’s nothing like waiting in line with your window down with a bunch of other gassy vehicles stinking up the air. “Would you like some carbon monoxide poisoning with your burger, sir?” While drive-ups may seem like a speedy option, it’s often quicker just to park your car and go inside to order–the lines are usually shorter because everyone is waiting outside in their vehicles.

6) My Order is All Messed Up!

How many times have you ordered at the drive-up and were given someone else’s meal? It sure pays to take a quick glance inside the bag to make sure they got the order right before pulling away. If you do get stuck with the wrong order, and you don’t realize it until you’re leaving the parking lot, it takes a lot of effort to rectify the problem. You most certainly aren’t going to get back in line, and going inside to get your order doesn’t always go smoothly because they probably gave it to someone else. So much for fast food, huh?

7) Drive-ups Are Only For Motor Vehicles. Right?

More and more people these days are riding their bikes to work, and to the store to pick up a few groceries. With high gas prices and all this talk of climate change, it’s easy to understand why so many folks are pedaling instead of driving. But fast-food restaurants (McDonalds, for example) are known to turn away people who attempt to go through the drive-up on their bicycles. This seems utterly ridiculous, yet it happens all the time. Is it more logical to drive your car two blocks from your apartment, only to get in line at the drive-up and head straight home? Evidently this lazy practice is more acceptable than allowing bicyclists the right to cruise through the drive-up. It’s no wonder why Americans are so obese!

Image Via Flickr: iirraa

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