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We’re not sure if our love of Jim Gaffigan comes from his ability to make comedy from food or the fact that he speaks in weird voices, but it’s probably a combination of the two. Anyone with an entire 5 minutes of material dedicated solely to Hot Pockets is someone we’d like to hang with, but until we meet up and become BFF’s, we’ll just watch his You Tube clips and laugh until we spray milk out our noses.

1) Hot Pockets

No version of this less-than-delectable frozen pastry is overlooked in Gaffigan’s ode to the self-contained diarrhea starter.

2) Vegetarians

It’s funny because it’s true. Sensitive, easily-offended vegetarians need not waste their time on this clip.

3) Cinnabon

Ever sat on a bean bag chair-sized cinnamon roll sans pants?

4) Waffle House

Like Gaffigan, we also have an eerily familiar childhood memory roused when we watch the cook fry our eggs with a cigarette hanging off their lip.

5) Bacon

Bacon and comedy, best friends since 1977, or the dawn of time. We’re not clear on that one.

6) Ketchup

America’s favorite condiment exposed for all its packaging woes.

7) Bologna

The next best thing after bacon.

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