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“Please can I have an additional portion?”

There are some foods that have the ability to flip a switch in a normally sensible person and suddenly turn them into “that guy.” The person who just can’t help but make a bad food pun that everyone’s heard a thousand times before and was desperately hoping they’d be able to avoid. It’s not that the person making the jokes is a bad person, or even that they’ve got a terrible sense of humor (though some might), as the blame could just as easily be assessed to the food. That’s right, we’re blaming the victim here, and these are the 6 foods most likely to bring out bad puns from seemingly good people.

6) Feta

Feta might be the most innocuous culprit on the list, and it’s maybe unfair to call it out when there’s really only one bad rhyme scheme that continuously rears its ugly head. However, the mere fact that it’s not just stupid, but also patently untrue makes “everything’s betta with feta” more than enough to put this tasty food item on the list.

5) S’Mores

The classic campfire treat is actually named for the inevitable and skin grating line you can expect to hear as soon as the first round of s’mores has been eaten, “can I have s’more.” It’s right there in the name waiting to be said, and if it wasn’t for the fact that s’mores aren’t exactly a food you come across on a regular basis it would have scored a higher place on the list.

4) Anything Footlong

Subway sandwiches might be the most obvious place to start, since the whole “five dollar footlong” thing has inspired its fair share of bad jokes. However, the real problem is with the fact that 12 inches of anything is likely to tap directly into the 13-year-old in all of us and start making people snicker like idiots.

3) Gouda

Yup, it sounds like good. Yup, it’s also pretty darn tasty. Oh, how clever of you, “this cheese is sooo Gouda.” We get it, it’s not just the name of the cheese, but also an apt description of your feelings toward it. However, we can’t help but feel this problem could be entirely avoided if the cheese had a different name.

2) Halibut

Alright, with this food item it might make more sense to blame the people, and if you’ve got a t-shirt, a license plate holder, or any other item that says “just for the halibut,” then we’re looking in your direction. Just like Big Mouth Billy Bass, it wasn’t really even that funny the first time, and now it just makes us want to break something. And yes, we’d be breaking it “for the halibut.”

1) Nuts, Mixed or Otherwise

There’s no other food that inspires as many cringe-worthy puns. Much like footlong foods, nuts have the ability to make people snicker like they’re back in middle-school and unleash a barrage of puns they’re not even proud to be making. Yes, we know they’re salty, and we’re also aware we have the option to lick them, but if you’re going to insist on making joke after joke we’d rather just run to the store and buy our own. Plus, who wants to grab a handful of their friend’s nuts anyway? That’s just filthy.

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