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Swedish appliance manufacturer Electrolux is reaching toward a Jetson’s-like kitchen of the future. Concept kitchens are designed for a not-too-distant world in which most people will live in cities, and living space will be at a premium. “The appliances of the future will need to be integrated and adjustable,” Henrik Otto, Senior Vice President of Design at Elextrolux, said in a statement. “We won’t have room for a whole host of products each with their own specific function.” Here are five of those fantastically freaky and futuristic Electrolux concept kitchen designs.

1) Electrolux Design Concept “Heart of the home” animation

Imagine a future kitchen that requires neither pots nor pans for cooking. At DesignBoost, Electrolux revealed a shape-shifting, all-in-one cooking station concept. Heart of the Home works as a kitchen table, a cooking surface and bar all in one. Its design calls for an “intelligent, amorphous, interchangeable cooking surface that adapts to users needs.” This video shows the cook selecting a recipe, then marking an area with their hand to show how large the cooking area should be. After pressing down on the table’s surface, it creates an indentation that works as a pot or pan. The temperature and cooking time is selected with a few finger swipes.

2) Electrolux Design Lab 2009 Finalist Cocoon

Like so many of Electrolux’s kitchen concept designs, Cocoon is based on science. It was the winner of the Electrolux 2009 Design Challenge. “Similar to heating popcorn in a microwave, Cocoon prepares genetically engineered and prepackaged meat and fish dishes by heating muscle cells identified by RFID signals. The signals detect the specific dish and then suggest the required cooking time.”

3) Electrolux Design Lab 2009 Finalist Moléculaire

Moléculaire is a 3D molecular food printer. Layer-by-layer, it arranges small particles from a set of specified ingredients. Minutes later, it prints out three-dimensional and complex foods. Imagine passing this around the table, inserting a blister pack into the reservoir, then placing Moléculaire on top of a plate. You press the start button and in a minute, voila! Out prints your food, and om nom nom nom begins.

4) Electrolux Design Lab 2009 Finalist Teleport Fridge

The designer was inspired by Star Trek and how they teleported from place to place. The Teleport Fridge would do away with the need to shop for food. You order your food from the fridge and it teleports to you fresh. It also works in reverse, so leftover food waste is put back in the fridge and teleported wherever one sends food for recycling.

5) Electrolux Rendezvous Concept

image credit: Electrolux Design Lab

​Electrolux Global Design has come up with Rendez-Vous, a concept interactive table with a high-tech kitchen built-in. It will have modular drawers and perhaps even a refrigerator drawer for the “virtual chef” of the future. The Rendez-Vous concept design has an “energy shield” on top to transmit power wirelessly to any electrical appliance. No more need to plug in your toaster, blender, cell phone, iPod or even laptop. The Rendez-Vous top also works as an inductive cooking system with sensors to detect where a pan is placed. Your stove is still your table, yet only grows hot where you place your cookware.

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