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Well, season 5 of Top Chef has come to an end. And, it was a pretty anti-climactic one at that, with Hosea taking the honors of “Top Chef,” despite failing to win a single challenge on his way to the crown (and no, we’re not counting the “Christmas Challenge” where everyone pitched in to help him make a great dish). It was disappointing to say the least, but I could take immediate comfort in knowing I was not alone in my disdain for the way things played out this season. As soon as I hopped back on the computer and took a look at my twitter feed, I was able to share my frustration with thousands of like minded people. And, as a tribute to disappointed viewers everywhere, here are the 20 best tweets from last night’s finale of Top Chef.



“probably one of 4 people that is happy Hosea won Top Chef. he’s better than Bravo made him out to be, folks.”



“Just finished watching top chef. What..Hosea…top chef..really!?!? Stephan was clearly the better of the two until tonight.”



“Hosea won…really?! I mean realllly?! That fuckin’ blows. Today is such an angry day for me on Twitter.”



“Too bad Carla didn’t win #topchef … I think she really deserved it. Hosea…umm…I guess he worked hard. Can’t wait for the reunion show.”



“That Hosea guy, what a wiener.”



“Sad about Carla not winning Top Chef. Stefan was an ass but Hosea seemed like a bit of a bitch throughout the entire season! Disappointing.”



“”Stefan…that guy’s my nemesis here.” Oh, Hosea. They’re all your nemeses. Padma’s your nemesis.”



“Hosea= the lamest and most boring Top Chef winner”



“what’s worse than bank of america’s online banking? tonight’s top chef finale. hosea is the WORST. ugh.”



“is really upset that Hosea won Top Chef…it should be called Top Meal or Top Finale then. I’m sad stupid Casey”


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