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The bigger the party gets, the higher the likelihood someone will suddenly declare, “it’s time to do shots,” and you’ll be instantly swept up in a sea of poor decisions. Still, not all shots are created equal, and although some of them might go down smooth, others can leave enough scars to last a lifetime. The 11 shots listed here are some of the worst on record and can be pretty much guaranteed to make you feel almost as miserable as when you’re not even drinking at all.

11) Three Wisemen

Ingredients: 1/3 Jim, 1/3 Jack, and 1/3 Johnnie


Not only is this shot a classic, but it’s also a great way to end up with a story that starts somewhere along the lines of “I was doing just fine until…”

10) Blood River

Ingredients: 1 oz Stroh 80, 1 oz tequila, 1 oz vodka


Some people call Stroh “Everclear for pussies.” And those people usually end up spewing their guts out about an hour later.

9) Dead Nazi

Ingredients: Equal parts Jager and Rumple Minze


Those Nazis are bastards, and this concoction will make you wish that whoever talked you into taking the shot was hung at Nuremberg.

8) Mad Dog

Ingredients: 3/4 shot vodka, 1/4 shot black current cordial, and a pinch of Tobasco


The sweet black current flavor coupled with the burning Tabasco hotness makes for a rare blend of special that’ll taste exactly the same two hours later when it’s on the way back up.

7) Bobby Dazzler

Ingredients: Equal parts Aftershock, tequila, and whiskey.


Apparently a bobby dazzler is a “good looking or special person.” Like an amped up set of beer goggles, this drink is named for the fresh perspective you’ll have upon reassessing the bar following your sixth shot of the evening. Suddenly you’re ready to make some pretty shady compromises…

6) Prairie Fire

Ingredients: Tequila and a healthy dash of Tabasco sauce

For anyone that thinks cheap tequila goes down just a little too smooth. It’s also a great shot to buy your friends that say they’re too good for a chaser.

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