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6) Casa Noble Crystal Tequila


Approximate Cost: $40

It has been dubbed crystal because it’s in a class by itself above the other silver and white tequilas. Pretentious? Absolutely. But, it’s still a damn fine tequila.

7) Sauza Tres Generaciones Plata


Approximate Cost: $35

For the money, there might not be a better tequila on the market. The bottle isn’t as showy as some of its competitors, but if it’s taste you’re looking for, Tres Generaciones delivers in spades.

8) Tezon Tequila Blanco


Approximate Cost: $45

An extremely light tequila, Tezon is a great option for anyone who has sworn off of tequila due to previous bad experiences. It’s also great for shots since it’s not as harsh as some of the others on the list.

9) Cesar Monterrey Blanco


Approximate Cost: $45

Mellow, flowery, and somewhat sweet, Cesar Monterrey Blanco has a lot of fruit in it while still preserving some of that smokey finish you expect from your tequila. And, this is definitely another case where the bottle will enhance the look of your bar.

10) Don Julio Blanco


Approximate Cost: $40

Wine Enthusiast dubbed this a “classic” spirit in 2007, and the agave and citrus notes make it the perfect foundation for a high end margarita.

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