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It should come as a shock to no one that all tequilas are not created equal. And, what better day than Cinco de Mayo to embrace the one ingredient that can make or break even the best made margarita? Sure you probably don’t want to shell out $100 for something you’re going to use in a mixed drink, but there’s plenty of moderately priced tequilas you can keep on hand for anyone who knows (and cares) about the difference between 100 percent Agave and some iffy mixture of “other assorted ingredients.” So, in honor of the day were people drink ’til they’re sick, we’re offering up 10 tequilas that will help elevate your margaritas out of the well and a little bit closer to the top shelf.

1) Aha Toro Blanco


Approximate Cost: $40

A tequila that can be enjoyed both by itself and as part of a margarita, Aha Toro might just be one of the best tequilas at this price point. And, the unique bottle doesn’t hurt either.

2) Corzo Silver


Approximate Cost: $50

Another premium tequila that’s great as a stand alone or with a quality mixer. Corzo has notes of vanilla and citrus, and is an exceptionally flavorful tequila.

3) Jose Cuervo Platino Reserve


Approximate Cost: $60

If you’re going to drink Cuervo, you might as well do it right. Why not opt for the tequila that scored 96 points from the Beverage Tasting Institute instead of the same old swill you were drinking in college?

4) Patron Silver


Approximate Cost: $50

It might not be as great as some rappers would have you believe, but Patron still warrants a spot on any list of quality tequilas.

5) Don Eduardo Silver


Approximate Cost: $40

Another tequila that scored an “exceptional” rating from the Beverage Tasting Institute, Don Eduardo offers a nice smooth taste but with just the right hint of heat.

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