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Even the most closed-minded people still fancy themselves open to new things (just ask Sean Hannity). However, when it comes to sampling dishes from various cultures and trying all types of food, there are certain surefire giveaways that you’re a little more closed-minded than most. Here are 10 telltale signs you might be a picky eater.

10) Your idea of world food is the International House of Pancakes

9) You use the words “on the side” or “hold the” more than three times in a single order

8) Ketchup is a mandatory accompaniment to every meal

7) The only seafood you’ll touch is fish sticks

6) Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean food is all completely interchangeable. You won’t eat any of them

5) Your typical sushi restaurant order is chicken katsu and gyoza, and that’s only when you’re feeling really adventurous

4) You make gagging noises when someone mentions a food you don’t like

3) You refer to any creamy dressing as “fancy ranch”

2) You order from the kids menu even though you’re 31

1) If it’s not a combo or a picture you can point to, you’re not ordering it

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