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Bud Light Lime’s new commercial for the fact that their product now comes in a can has been getting some buzz online over the past few days. Mostly, we suspect, because it’s so desperate to be talked about that you just can’t help but give it some attention. It’s like the Octomom of ad campaigns. On the one hand, you shouldn’t dignify it with comment, but on the other hand, it’s too ridiculous to just ignore.

If you haven’t seen the commercial, it starts with a woman looking directly into the camera and saying, “I got it in the can for the first time last night. I loved it.” Obviously she’s talking about butt sex. Everyone knows “In the can” is a popular euphemism with those promiscuous kids, so what else could she possibly be referring to?

Cut to another woman saying, “I never thought I’d enjoy getting it in the can as much as I do. I was wrong.” Um, alright, we could see how this might be an area where you’d have some healthy skepticism at the outset. Glad to see you finally came around.

Then the commercial cuts to a gentleman walking toward the camera saying, “I gave it to my boss in the can.” And suddenly we’re confused. Wait a minute? We’re not the type to pass judgment, but you might want to keep that sort of thing on the down low. After all, office gossip can spread like wild fire.

Suddenly it occurs to us, this commercial isn’t for the joys of anal sex; it’s for a product that comes in a can. Pretty sneaky Budweiser. Well played.

So, in honor of Bud Light Lime’s ridiculously reaching and overly sexualized new slogan, we’ve uncovered a list of the 10 rejected slogans Budweiser took a pass on before finally settling with “I got it in the can.”

10) “Wrap your lips around it”

9) “Who wants some head?”

8) “I swallowed the whole thing”

7) “Let it explode all over your chest”

6) “There’s nothing like a nice golden shower”

5) “4 ½ inches, but super thick”

4) “That was one tasty mouthful”

3) “You’ll have multiples”

2) “The froth is like semen”

1) “Bud Light Lime is the butt sex of beers”

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