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The BK Burger Shots are generating some negative press due to the fact that you’re actually getting substantially less food for your money than if you were to order a regular burger. While we don’t necessarily have anything against sliders, we’re willing to go out on a limb and say that these tiny burgers might not be the manliest of menu options. And. with all due respect to both Harold and Kumar, here are 10 reasons why real men don’t eat sliders:

10) Their Axe Body Spray already attracts plenty of ladies

9) Real men understand the concept of value

8) If they wanted six of something, they’d go buy beer

7) They’re worried about crushing them in their giant masculine hands

6) Not enough bacon

5) They don’t “eat” them, but rather “devour” them by the fist full

4) Food shouldn’t be “adorable”

3) Burgers should be measured in pounds not ounces

2) They’re too busy fixing trucks and watching porn

1) Size matters!

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