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The Fourth of July is tomorrow, and just like every other year that means it’s time for beer, fireworks, and quite possibly a barbecue among friends. But, since low grade explosives and cheap beer can only capture about ninety percent of what makes our country so great, we’ve compiled pics of 10 of the most patriotic cakes. These desserts are so steeped in American pride you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to pay our country tribute without inviting Uncle Sam himself to your Fourth of July cookout.

10) Fourth of July Cake

Flickr: Jeff The Trojan

No German Chocolate Cake here, this one’s all American.

9) The Independence Day Special

Flickr: jimbrickett

A simple and straight forward cake you can probably grab at the local supermarket.

8) The “Yes We Can” Cake

Flickr: Angela N.

Fans of the current administration can pay tribute to the man in office and fans of Fox News can enjoy devouring a symbol of the Obama administration. Everyone wins.

7) Strawberries and Stripes Forever

Flickr: thecameo

A quick homemade way to add a bit of America to an otherwise standard cake.

6) America’s Cupcake

Flickr: cristina101

The only thing un-American about this is the portion size. Just make sure you have plenty on hand for those who want seconds.

5) Patriotic Cheesecake

Flickr: Occasionally Jonelle

More “fruit as stripes” do it yourself-ing for those who love themselves some cheesecake.

4) Red Velvet Stripes Cake

Flickr: Daniel Greene

Red velvet cake with frosting stripes and stars so perfect they almost look PhotoShopped on.

3) The Ultimate American Cake (AKA The Mr. T Cake)

Flickr: E S S L

Because Mr. T might just be the ultimate American icon…and this cake is totally awesome.

2) The Sad Looking Eagle Cake

Flickr: Dano Van Gogo

Majestic, imposing, and chock full of calories, the eagle cake accurately captures the essence of America.

1) The Enthusiastic American Cake

Flickr: Ian Samuel

The cake pretty much says it all. There’s no reason you can’t be patriotic AND classy.

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