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5) Okkikunare Drinks


Translated to mean, “make them bigger,” this supposedly breast enhancing beverage is marketed to young women across Japan. We’d say it’s ridiculous, but since we can’t watch cable without seeing a commercial for Elongate we’ll just chalk this up as another marvel of modern science.

4) Bilk


Tired of cream ales without the cream? Try Bilk! The wonderful new fusion of beer and milk. Not surprisingly, this unusual drink also stems from Japan.

3) Mother’s Milk


Milk that tastes just like your mother’s. But, since we’re really hoping you don’t have a solid reference point for comparison, we’re guessing people will just have to take the distributor’s word for it.

2) Gau Jal (“Cow Water”)


The Hindu soft drink Gau Jal, which translates to “cow water” is actually comprised partially of cow urine. Although the drink has yet to be released, one of the people working closely on the project assured TimesOnline “Don’t worry, it won’t smell like urine and will be tasty too.” We’re still a little reluctant to get too excited.

1) Placenta 400000


This peach flavored beverage with alleged regenerative health qualities contains 10,000 mg of pig placenta; a total of about 10,000 times more pig placenta than we’d ever really wanted in a beverage.

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