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Who doesn’t love a nice cold soft drink? With thousands of varieties available across the globe, there’s pretty much something for everyone. Unfortunately, the same logic would dictate there’s also going to be a few beverages that might not be so appealing to certain people. Whether it’s just a little unusual, or downright disgusting, these 10 soft drinks definitely fall outside the boundaries of traditional colas.

10) Pepsi Ice Cucumber

Despite being a surprisingly refreshing ingredient in cocktails, it’s still a bit jarring to see cucumber popping up in a Pepsi product. It might actually be good, but unless we can get a bottle imported from Japan we’ll probably never have a chance to find out.

9) Water Salad


This Coca-Cola produced drink is apparently flavored with a light fruit punch taste and packs a fair amount of nutritional supplements to help get you through the day. The only thing unfortunate about it is the name.

8) Hawaiian Deep-Sea Water / Diet Water


No matter what you call it, it’s still just water. Plus, how is deep sea water supposed to compete with water from a crystal clear mountain glacier?

7) Kids Beer / Kids Wine


Just like candy cigarettes, this non-alcoholic Japanese beverage lets kids pretend like they’re cool enough for the real thing.

6) Kimchee flavored Coolpis


We can probably just chalk this one up to cultural differences, but whether or not you appreciate kimchee as a cuisine, you probably haven’t been clamoring for it in beverage form.

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