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10) McDonald’s, Let’s Eat Out (early 1960s)


Let’s Eat Out was one of the first slogans ever used in a McDonald’s ad campaign, and lasted from 1960-1965.

9) Chuck E. Cheese, Grand Opening (1977)


While it’s more of a party-destination than a fast food restaurant, this ad for the opening of Chuck E. Cheese is way too good to pass up. If for no other reason than that it let Chuck introduce himself, saying, “I’m your host, Chuck E. Cheese, alias, The Big C. Pleased to meetcha!”

8) Bob’s Big Boy (1950s)


The iconic Bob’s Big Boy is enough to warrant a spot on any list of vintage ads.

7) McDonald’s, Get Down with Something Good (1973)


Although you’ve got to give McDonald’s credit for not pulling any punches with what demographic they’ve chosen to target, a few points should probably be subtracted for going with a slogan that sounds like it’s right out of Shaft.

6) Dairy Queen, Flavor… (1954)


This ad comes from back when fast-food was a little bit simpler, and Dairy Queen was still all about the ice cream.

5) KFC, Sunday Dinner Seven Days a Week (1967)

1967-KFC (7 Days a Week).jpg

A slogan used by Kentucky Fried Chicken for many years, “Sunday Dinner Seven Days a Week” helped define the brand as a little bit more than everyday fast food.

4) Burger King, Have It Your Way (1976)


Probably the most well known Burger King slogan of all time, it was even resurrected in 2002 when the company underwent a major overhaul.

3) KFC, Meet Colonel Sanders (1960s)


It was sort of like Ronald McDonald before Ronald McDonald. The Colonel was, and still is, synonymous with Kentucky Fried Chicken.

2) Burger King, The Whopper (1966)


This comes all the way back from when the entire nation could still proudly claim they were Whopper Virgins.

1) McDonald’s, The Big Mac (1969)


The most famous of all the sandwiches, from the most famous of all the fast-food chains, and a worthy entry to top our list.

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