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6) Tuna


​It may be shameful, but we all know you’ve eaten it straight out of the can or packet with a fork and some mustard while sitting in your boxers watching Cops on a Saturday night.

7) Roaches


​Without Mom there to clean up, those dirty dishes and crumbs will be attracting these nasty little bugs with a neon sign. The fact that your landlord doesn’t necessarily put pest control on the top of his list doesn’t help, either.

8) Mildewed sponges


​That sponge has been in your possession for the last year, hasn’t it? Don’t deny it. They don’t get that putrid without a little dampness and lots of time. Seriously dude, go buy some more. Here’s $5.

9) Protein Powder


​“The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” to quote the cliché, but so is the road to getting “ripped.” Too bad you let your gym membership lapse along with all your motivation to work out. At least you know you’ll have some sort of sustenance if you run out of food.

10) Macaroni and cheese

D Sharon Pruitt

​The ultimate comfort food, easy to make, good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, bright orange, good leftover, do we really need to list any more reasons you (and every other American) likes this cheap stuff?

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