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5) The Max (Saved by the Bell)

It wouldn’t take a radio contest and a potential Hawaiian vacation to get us excited about hanging out at The Max. Whether you’re a jock, a prep, or a nerd, everyone seems to be welcome, and if you’re especially lucky you’ll get a waiter who moonlights as a magician.

4) Krusty Burger (The Simpsons)

Easily our favorite of the cartoon McDonald’s knock offs, Krusty Burger has somehow managed to become more than just another faux Mickey D’s and establish an identity all its own. After 20 years of The Simpson’s, our attachment to this gloriously low-quality fast food chain rivals that of any real restaurant.

3) Monk’s (Seinfeld)

Even though the famous exterior is an actual restaurant (Tom’s Restaurant, to be precise), what we really crave is to sit down in the mythical Monk’s, order a “Big Salad,” and pull a rubber band out of our soup while excitedly proclaiming, “I know who’s cooking today.”

2) Fat Ammy’s (Arrested Development)

An American themed restaurant with American sized portions, Fat Ammy’s is located within Arrested Development’s also fictitious Wee Britain. Instead of bread you get a giant basket of donuts, and no matter what you order you can guarantee your portions will be so large you’ll leave with a doggy bag declaring “I’m Still Eatin’ at Fat Ammy’s.” Now that’s hard to beat.

1) Big Kahuna Burger (Pulp Fiction/Reservoir Dogs/From Dusk ‘Til Dawn/True Romance/Etc)

Just once we’d like to bite into a juicy hamburger and be able to declare “Mmm-mmm. That IS a tasty burger,” without feeling quite so lame. Big Kahuna Burger seems to pop up everywhere, with appearances in multiple Quentin Tarantino films and even a brief showing in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Between the inviting carryout bag and the enthusiastic endorsement from Samuel L, we’ve been craving one of these burgers for over 13 years and 7-plus movies.

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