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There are plenty of chain restaurants to choose from, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t literally tens of fictitious eateries we pine for every time we see snippets of them on TV. Whether it’s a rerun of an old show or a movie airing for the hundredth time on TBS, these fictional diners make us instantly wish we were right there with the characters chowing down on some quality grub. Or, at the very least, sitting alone in the corner eating in total silence.

10) Pizza Planet (Toy Story)


Pizza Planet seems like a mash-up of Chuck-E-Cheese’s arcade wonderland and the apathetic delivery drivers of a Pizza Hut or Domino’s. And, just like the movie Toy Story, this restaurant manages to inspire the child in us, making us long for enough tokens to rock the crane game and win ourselves a plush little alien toy.

9) The Peach Pit (Beverly Hills, 90210)


It’s where all the cool kids at West Beverly would hang out, and although we’d feel a tad lame pulling up in our parents’ Plymouth Voyager instead of a shiny new sports car, we’d still try to weasel our way in for a bite to eat. For some reason when we were in high school there was no destination restaurant to rival 90210’s Peach Pit. However, there was an Azteca we’d go to every now and then.

8) Fishy Joe’s (Futurama)


Basically this entry squeaked onto the list because we can’t help but wonder what a poppler tastes like. We’re not really sure if we could muster the strength to bite into something that looked us in the eyes and started talking, but we’re willing to give it a go. At least, so long as we’re not the first person to eat one.

7) Chotchkie’s (Office Space)


We can’t watch more than 10 minutes of Office Space without suddenly feeling an overwhelming urge to go grab some potato skins at TGI Friday’s, if for no other reason than it’s the closest approximation of Chotchkie’s we can think of. Still, compared to the enthusiasm of Brian and his 37 pieces of flair we always end up a little bit disappointed.

6) Mooby’s (Dogma/Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back/Clerks 2)


Taking fast food tackiness to the extreme, Mooby’s offers diners a chance to enjoy a quick meal in the most overly branded atmosphere imaginable. You can order an Egg-a-Mooby-Muffin while wearing your official Mooby merchandise and listening to the “Mooby Theme Song.” We’re not sure how long we could stomach all of this, but we wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to briefly worship at the feet of this golden calf.

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