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5) Sesame Jack Chicken Strips — TGI Friday’s

Calories: 1430

TGI Friday's Sesame Jack Chicken Strips.jpg

The perfect combination of crunch, tang, and all things wonderful makes this a hard appetizer to pass up.

4) Texas Cheese Fries — Chili’s

Calories: 2070
Total Fat: 160g (246% Daily Value)


Maybe your meal already comes with fries and maybe it doesn’t. But, one thing is certain, those fries won’t have cheese on them. So…you’re forced to order these as a starter, and by the time dinner rolls around you’ve already downed your recommended fat intake for the next two and a half days.

3) Calamari Fritti — Macaroni Grill

Calories: 1210
Total Fat: 78g (120% Daily Value)

Since we can delude ourselves into believing that anything from the sea must be healthy, we’re calling shenanigans on the calorie count for our “healthy option” appetizer of choice. Breading be damned, this shouldn’t be as bad for you as it is. After all, it doesn’t even have cheese on it.

2) Bloomin’ Onion — Outback Steakhouse

Calories: 2310
Total Fat: 134g (206% Daily Value)

Outback Bloomin Onion.jpg

Even though the Aussie Cheese fries take the prize for the unhealthiest appetizer in America, we can’t resist the Outback’s marquee starter. Even if it is heartburn on a plate, the first bite of a blooming onion makes us feel just like Hugh Jackman must have felt when he cracked that code in Swordfish.  

1) Fried Macaroni and Cheese — Cheesecake Factory

Calories: 2000
Total Fat: 65g (100% Daily Value)

Even though it’s hard to edge out the Bloomin’ Onion, there’s something about mixing a childhood staple with a deep fryer that makes us gleeful beyond belief. Yeah, it sounds kind of disgusting, and yeah, it kind of is…but, it’s disgusting in the best possible way.

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