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There’s no better way to start a meal than with a separate self-contained meal. And, there are certain restaurants that immediately pull you in as soon as the server tauntingly asks, “Can I get you anything to start?” Even though we know it’s gluttonous, and our Monster Burger entree was probably going to be more than enough food, we’re helpless to resist.

With that in mind, here are 10 appetizers we all know are horrible for us, but somehow can’t keep from ordering anyway.

10) Cheese Sticks — Red Robin

Calories: 1181
Total Fat: 70g (108% Daily Value)

The idea of fried cheese is too much temptation to resist, and even though we’re still going to add an extra patty to our cheeseburger and take full advantage of the bottomless fries, this offers the perfect way to kick start our meal.

Red Robin Cheese Sticks.jpg

9) Boneless Buffalo Wings w/ Blue Cheese Dressing — Applebee’s

Calories: 1724
Total Fat: 132g (203% Daily Value)

There’s something about buffalo wings that just makes you throw away all inhibitions and forget that having sauce smothered across your face isn’t socially acceptable for a 32-year-old.

8) Chicken Wings — Hooters

Calories: 866
Total Fat: 62.6g (96% Daily Value)


The one saving grace of this appetizer’s calorie count is the assurance that if you’re at a Hooter’s this isn’t going to be the least healthy choice you’ve made today.

7) Cheddar Bay Biscuits — Red Lobster

Calories: 160
Total Fat: 9g (14% Daily Value)

These stupid little biscuits would hardly be worth noting if it wasn’t for the fact that by the time your fried shrimp finally makes its way to the table you’ve already devoured about ten to fifteen of them. 

6) Nachos w/ Queso Sauce, Cheese, & Sour Cream — Qdoba

Calories: 940
Total Fat: 57g (88% Daily Value)

There’s something about the cleanliness of a foil wrapped burrito just demands to be paired with some gooey, sloppy, disgustingly delicious nachos. And, after you polish off a basket of beef-topped cheesy goodness, you can sit back and say a quiet prayer to whoever decided nachos qualify as an appetizer instead of a meal.

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