Whether it’s a pun, a sexual innuendo, or a “clever” reflection of your personal opinion, T-shirts with slogans are usually a bad idea. Once you’ve added that amusingly irreverent piece of clothing to your shopping cart and clicked purchase the reality starts to set in: there is pretty much no occasion you can wear this without looking like a total jackass. And, with the tens of thousands of pithy t-shirts available online, we’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel to bring you some of the very worst. These 10 food related gems are easily near the top of the list when it comes to things no one should be wearing in public.

10) You Better Believe I Eat Spotted Dick


​via HomeCooked

9) Just Grate


​via FoodFollies

8) Buffet Molester


​via CafePress

7) Take Me To Your Farmers’ Market


​via eVisionArts

6) I’ve Always Been Your Biggest Flan


​via CafePress

5) Wanna Tickle My Pickle


​via CafePress

4) It’s All Gouda


​via SnorgTees

3) Ask Me About My Weiner

​via Zazzle

2) Pee-odorant


​via Zazzle

1) I’ll Give You My $5 Footlong


​via Zazzle

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