Tired of having to cover up your mustache every time you take a sip from your mug? Or worse yet, are you sick of not having a mustache at all? Well, your prayers have been answered in the form of the new mustache mug! It’s the only novelty product that allows you to simultaneously enjoy a hot cup of coffee and pretend you’re the owner of majestic facial hair.

Lift the cup up to your lips and transform your sad attempt at a mustache into a full fu manchu! Let your beverage take a backseat to your personality and charm by showing off your wild sense of humor…in mustache form.

You’d better purchase your own mustache mug from Peteri Bruegger if you don’t want to run the risk of being the only idiot in your next business meeting who’s drinking sans ‘stache.

An essential item for every respectable businessman.

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