All couples are not created equal; what works for one may not work for another. The same holds true for their wedding cakes. These geeky specialty wedding cakes may not be what you would choose, but these couples have broken free from the norm to express their love in a unique fashion. For these newly married brides and grooms, these were their little slices of heaven.

Whatever Works


?(image credits: jerrybrito,gizmodo,gizmodo,Carol Orsini)

The gigantic iPhone 3G C wedding cake was created for a couple by Charm City Cakes. The Microsoft Wedding 98 cake would seem to indicate the couple was doomed, but whatever works for them. One couple had his and hers Tivo wedding cakes. A couple of gamers went straight out Xbox to celebrate their wedding day.

Pacman to Wow


?(image credits: Obajoo,arteatsbakery)

The bride, in knowing what her old-school groom liked, requested this Pac-Man cake for her “Pac-Man master.” When love strikes, some couples think Wow. This especially holds true for the gamers who requested this World of Warcraft wedding cake.



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Most people think Legos are pretty cool. Just the same, most couples don’t take it that extra step and request a Lego wedding cake. You might be surprised, however, to discover how many Lego wedding cakes can be found.



?(image credits: thetanooki,diamondvues,M.A.L.)

These couples are some of Mario’s biggest fans. The first is in 8-bit yumminess with the whole first level of Super Mario Bros displayed. Geeks, gamers or nerds, most of us can appreciate Super Mario wedding cakes. That does not mean, however, we would go so far as to serve it at our wedding reception. But it’s the couples’ special day and should be celebrated in their own special way. The last wedding cake was inspired by the Mario Kart series with a touch of Super Mario Galaxy added for good measure, or perhaps good luck.



?(image credits: bridetide)

Over 500 million Twinkies are sold every year, so they have a huge following since their creation in 1930. Twinkie lovers take it that extra step on their big day. These couples are not only crazy in love, but also madly and passionately in love with their Twinkies.

In Wii We Thrust — Or um…trust?


?(image credits: wiinoob,blogspot)

In the world of Wii, you can be fit or just play around. This couple must be huge fans since they had his and hers Wii controllers as wedding cakes. More than likely the last cake was an epic fail. Yet again, who are we to judge what works for each specific couple? Maybe they wanted the cake to state what they most value, exchanging trust for thrust. Maybe they trust in the thrust? Hey, whatever works.

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