​So maybe nothing scientifically “cures” a hangover but time, according to some experts, but there’s no harm in trying when you’ve overindulged at a holiday party on some of the season’s best drinks. In preparation for the time honored tradition of holiday hangovers, here’s our list of the best hangover cures.

1) Drink Plenty of Water the Night of the Drinking Festivities

This one’s more about prevention than a cure. While plenty may seem like a broad term, think one glass of water per alcoholic drink. The glitch is doing this throughout the evening (or day if you’re a big-timer), rather than trying to catch up at the end of the night. Drinking a little before hitting the sack wouldn’t hurt, though.

2) Have a Bloody Mary (Minus the Alcohol)

​It’s not as fun as a bloody mary with alcohol, but curing an illness with the cause of the illness is quite ludicrous (although some people swear by it). If you’re too hungover to spice up your tomato juice, don’t worry. It’s the tomato part that helps you over that hazy hump the next day. Tomatoes contain fructose, a type of sugar that helps your body process alcohol faster.

3) Menudo (The Soup, Not The Band)

​Leave it to our partying neighbors just south of the border to come up with a tasty soup to cure a night’s worth of drinking mescal and tequila. It’s a spicy concoction made with some of the nastier bits of the vaca, including the second chamber of the cow’s stomach (aka honeycomb tripe) and calves feet. Some of the less threatening ingredients include garlic, onions, cumin and some spicy peppers to sweat that hangover right out of your system.

4) Eat Some Bananas

​They’re delicious, natural and cheap, which makes this a favorite and simple remedy for the people in hangover land. Just eating a banana, or several, if you’re not too nauseated, drinking some water and resting could have you springing back to normal in a shorter amount of time. The potassium and magnesium found in bananas helps to replenish some of the nutrients you’ve more than likely peed out over the course of the night, and the water will rehydrate you. The mild texture and flavor also helps coat an uneasy stomach. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even make a shake from milk, or soy milk, honey and cantaloupe, for a breakfast of champions.

5) Drink Pickle Juice

​The combination of minerals and sodium will aid in the common theme here, replacing the healthy stuff your body needs that left it when you partied too hard. While to some it may not sound so appetizing, it’s a common cure in Poland, where they know a thing or two about drinking and pickles.

6) Greasy Breakfast

​Alcohol irritates the stomach lining, causing that undulating nausea and upset stomach when you wake up. Counterintuitively, eating a large breakfast full of grease and carbs will help lube up your stomach lining, soothing that tummy ache and giving you something else to feel guilty about momentarily.

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