Dinner by yourself doesn’t have to consist of greasy takeout or yet another bland microwaveable meal for one.

Although most of the kit delivery services appear to only cater to families, many of them provide meal boxes for the diner eating alone.

Access fresh veggies, premium meats (if you want them!) and delicious recipes, all designed to make your mealtimes way more exciting. No time to plan and prep as well as shop for ingredients? No problem! There’s a service to do it all for you.

It doesn’t have to cost the Earth, either. Though some of these kits can rack up in cost pretty quickly, many of the companies providing meals for one aim to keep things as cheap as possible. Read on and find out which one is right for you.

Top Ten Single Meal Delivery Services – In No Particular Order!

1. Snap Kitchen

Wish you had time for healthy meal prep but too busy to spend time packing lunches? Snap Kitchen is the delivery service for you! Simply choose your plan from a huge selection of diet-curated menus, each catering to a variety of dietary needs.

Whether keto, vegan, paleo, or veggie, they can whip something up for you – add your favorite dishes and customize each week to keep things fresh. Plus, you can pick exactly how many meals you would like per week – there is no fixed number!

A balanced diet is important to Snap Kitchen: every single dish they create is guaranteed to be delicious, but also healthy, and packed full of all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Every single meal is handmade to order by their in-house trained chefs, then delivered directly to your front door. What more could you ask for? Did we mention all of the packaging is recyclable once rinsed? And not a dirty dish to be seen!

Thanks to their handy app, you can scroll through choices and pick your meals, manage your subscription and keep track of expected delivery. Whatever time of day, it’s incredibly convenient to find out what you’re having for dinner tomorrow.


2. Dinnerly

Prioritizing fast, affordable, delicious meals for one, Dinnerly is an excellent choice for a foodie without time to shop for themselves. Even those who feel like amateurs in the kitchen will be able to prepare these tasty dishes and enjoy them, no trouble!

The majority of recipes follow five simple steps. Let’s face it, not everyone has hours to spend cutting, chopping, seasoning, and stirring. When you get home from a hard day of work, you just want to enjoy some nice food without any hassle.

Never again will you get stressed out by meal planning or grocery shopping in a busy store: all of that is done for you, just a tap and a click on the app, and your dinners for whatever number of days you’d llike are done and dusted.

Plus, if you’re a picky eater or don’t tend to enjoy more adventurous flavors, then Dinnerly is definitely for you. They stick to familiar family favorites that most diners are sure to recognize and find enjoyable.

Right down to the packaging, this is a simplistic service. All you have to do is choose your recipes and when you’d like them to be delivered, and the ingredients show up to your home in an insulated box, ready for cooking.


3. HelloFresh

As an OG in the world of meal delivery service providers, HelloFresh quickly recognized the desire for kits that cater to a single person. And voila: their meal kits for singles service was born, remaining one of the most popular around.

Cooking for one doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive. Pick from a list of over twenty different recipes every single WEEK, each curated and then crafted by their chefs before being delivered right to your doorstep.

Your options are broad: they cater to vegetarian, pescatarian, low calorie, keto and many other different diets. Ingredients arrive fresh and pre-measured for you, so you can have your meal on the table in thirty minutes or less, no mess, no fuss.

Don’t worry, if you decide to have a friend over for dinner, you don’t have to change everything. Besides your weekly meals, you can also add extra for guests, change the day they are delivered or what menu you like, even skip or cancel if you want to.

Do note that the HelloFresh meal kits “focus on couples” so even though they are billed as for one, you’ll probably find that most recipes offer two servings, so you’ll have leftovers for the next day. Unless you’re feeling especially hungry!


4. Factor75

Offering weekly meal plans that make healthy eating simple, prepared by a chef, with free shipping and no commitments, Factor75 sounds too good to be true. But it isn’t! Each week sees more than 20 dishes, each crafted by a qualified dietician.

Gourmet chefs do all of the prepping and cooking so you don’t have to lift a finger – all that’s required is that you reheat them. Don’t mistake these for microwave meals however… this is restaurant-quality dining, at home, for a budget-friendly rate!

Only utilizing the freshest of ingredients, sourced from a list of trusted partners, every single meal Factor provides is guaranteed to be clean and ethical. Free from hormones, gluten, refined sugars AND GMOs, treat your body like the temple it is.

No need to waste your time coming up with dinners every week: there is a team of culinary experts on hand to invent mouthwatering meals so you don’t have to. They taste so good, you’ll struggle to believe that it’s actually good for you.

Ensuring every bite you take is backed by science and offers only premium nutrition, Factor has a team of registered dieticians who work in the heart of the kitchen. Nothing that makes it to your plate is not absolutely, undeniably good for you!


5. Freshly

Want a simplistic meal kit designed to offer one serving, for one sitting, eaten by one person? Freshly is the delivery service for you! Choose how many dishes you want per week, pick from a GIANT menu and then once they arrive, just heat and eat.

Every single dish is guaranteed to be gluten and peanut free, so those with allergies or sensitivities can eat with no worries. They also accommodate a huge list of dietary preferences, allowing you to select your own meals every single week.

Those who are constantly too easy to eat a decent meal after work can rejoice: Freshly meals are designed to be heated and ready to go in just three minutes or less! But they still taste so delicious, you’ll believe it was only just prepared.

A convenient app means choosing the meals you want each week is quick and easy, as is tracking deliveries. When you’ve got a problem, resolving it is simple: just chat to one of their friendly customer service staff, who are on hand to help 24/7.

You won’t have to worry about washing dishes afterward, as these are designed to be eaten directly from the tray, which can also be recycled once done! Though if you want to feel a little fancier and plate it up, nobody can stop you.


6. BlueApron

If you spend any time on YouTube you’ll probably have heard an influencer or two talk about BlueApron. Their aim as a delivery service is to help chefs, whatever their skill level, cook up amazing dishes from the comfort of their homes.

Rather than focus on helping people cook quickly, BlueApron aims to teach you how to spend time in the kitchen cooking and trying recipes you’ve never had before. If you prefer to stick to easy and time-efficient, you might want to look elsewhere.

There are a variety of plans available, including different serving sizes, vegetarian-only meals, a strict meal prep service of ready to go meals and more. It’s easy to manage which recipes you’d like or to skip a week if you don’t need meals.

Don’t stress about committing to months of meals you might not like, as there isn’t a minimum commitment period for customers. So long as you skip or cancel by the cutoff date and time in Settings, you can eat (or not eat) whatever you want.

Menu planning and shopping are all done for you: you’ll receive locally sourced and 100% fresh ingredients, all arriving in pre-measured quantities to make life easier for you. Cooking will be speedier and easier this way, but it’s not the fastest admittedly.


7. Real Eats

Anybody looking to support farmers, minimize their food waste and enjoy a healthy meal prepared by a chef will LOVE Real Eats. Each dish is individually portioned and picked by you, from a rich and varied menu that is updated weekly.

Not only is your meal cooked in advance, using premium ingredients, but it is then delivered straight to you via their official courier service. Once it arrives, you can either heat the food sous-vide style or plate and pop it in the microwave.

A great deal of the ingredients from RealEats has been sourced from independent farms right by their kitchen located in upstate New York, as well as other close agricultural communities. Your money directly supports these important causes.

Pick between four, six, eight and twelve dinners a week, knowing each one is going to be perfectly portioned for a single eater. Plus, unlike many other services, they also make BREAKFASTS, so you can increase the ease of your days exponentially.

Easily choose the dishes that suit your nutritional needs, no matter what you require: from low calorie, gluten free and paleo to veggie or even totally carnivorous, everybody can eat at Real Eats, though unfortunately, they don’t yet cater to vegans.


8. Home Chef

Fresh, simple meals customized how you like them and for an affordable price – that’s what you can expect if you give Home Chef a try. They have plenty of choices, accomodating to vegetarians, calorie conscious and carb conscious eaters alike.

Thanks to their handy Customize It feature, you can upgrade, swap or double up proteins on a variety of meals, allowing you to enjoy the foods you like without having to plan and shop for them yourself. That’s dedication to your taste buds!

These are more than just meal kids, as you’ll soon discover. Not only will you get new and exciting ingredients, but also weekly recipe rotations that suit any and all skill levels or dietary preferences. It’s a truly versatile setup that works for everyone.

Deciding how much time you’d like to spend cooking is up to you, not the service: choose from a five minute meal to thirty plus minute masterpieces. No need to resort to soggy microwave meals when you can eat chef-quality food in just as much time.

Voted number one for customer service in the US Grocery Benchmark study, and with over thirty weekly dishes to choose from, it’s plain to see why Home Chef is so popular. The only way to see if the rave reviews are right is to try it for yourself!


9. HungryRoot

As one of the only meal prep services to offer a quiz that tailors a grocery plan specifically for you, partnered with hundreds of top-rated brands, HungryRoot is pretty popular amongst healthy eaters across the web.

Questions they ask include how many mouths you’re feeding – so you can specify just one – as well as food preferences and dietary restrictions. This enables them to offer recipes and recommendations that meet every single one of your needs.

Either opt for the cart they fill up for you or choose your own products, then have farm fresh groceries and chef-tailored recipes delivered to your house, fast and budget-friendly. Many customers report saving more than $22 a week on shopping!

Committed to sustainable provisions, HungryRoot ensures everything you receive is usable and eco-friendly, from any additional veggies in your grocery plan to their 100% recyclable shipping materials. They are constantly trying to improve, too.

There’s no need to sign a contract or make a huge commitment. Skipping a delivery is as simple as clicking a button before they have processed, and you can pause for a while or cancel your subscription completely whenever you want to.


10. Veestro

If you want a meal kit delivery service that’s fully plant-based, not just offering vegetarian or vegan options as a choice, then Veestro is the subscription option for you. Run by a brother and sister team, it’s a family-focused food kind of brand.

Choose between two plans: an A La Carte menu or a “deliciously doable” Weight Loss option, both of which are chef-prepared and made freshly, using only organic and non-GMO plants. Ready in just five minutes, there’s no shopping OR chopping!

Sure, you might think a solely plant-powered meal prepping service would produce boring dishes, but you’d be mistaken. From Enchilada Casserole to Country Fried Chick’n, every week brings a varied and versatile new menu you’ll love.

Everything arrives prepared and cooked, with your sole job being to heat up your meal in the microwave or oven, but this isn’t your average ready meal. They might be delivered frozen, but a chef cooked every dish with fresh, organic ingredients.

All of the orders you make are totally customizable and you can change them at any time. Whether that’s picking new meals, pausing delivery for a while or canceling altogether, it’s totally up to you what schedule you run on.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get HelloFresh for one person?

Not specifically, although they do advertise their ‘two serving’ meals as suitable for one diner. Some people might find this too much food for a single meal, to which HelloFresh responds by suggesting you eat the leftovers for lunch the next day.

If you don’t mind eating the same thing a couple of times, then this could still be a viable option for you. Otherwise, you might want to stick to a subscription service that offers portions specifically designed for one single eater.


Can you skip weeks with meal delivery?

Yes! The majority of services will allow you to either skip a week whenever you want or pause your subscription for a designated period of time. This allows you to prevent food waste and save money by not ordering food when you need it.

That said, it’s different for every provider and the method of skipping, although simple, will have its own instructions. Be sure to do your own bit of research on the meal delivery service and how its plans work BEFORE you hit buy, just in case.


Are meal delivery services cheaper than grocery shopping?

They should be! As the majority of brands stick to recipes and provide pre-measured ingredients, you should be able to spend less and stick to a budget much more easily by only buying a specific number of meals for the week.

Plus, you’re not buying far too much of any ingredients, or picking up additional items you don’t need. Everything you receive will be eaten by you, so there’s no waste and you’ll save money not spending unnecessarily on treats and snacks.

That being said, if you’re only buying your dinners from a meal prep service, you’ll still have to go grocery shopping to pick up your breakfast and lunch necessities, so make sure you don’t overspend when you’re sorting out other meals.


In Summary

As you can see, there is a whole world of meal kits out there for you to explore!
From strictly vegetarian to versatile menus that cater to everybody, it’s easy to find something that works for you and your personal needs, dietary or taste-wise.

It can feel overwhelming at first, given there’s a great deal of delicious sounding choices. Many offer a free month’s trial before you commit to a subscription service, so why not give each one a try if you’re struggling to make up your mind?

Remember, you can always pause or cancel your subscription for no charge if you change your mind (in the majority of cases) provided you haven’t missed a deadline for doing so as outlined in their guidelines. It’s easy enough to keep on top of – just have a go and spice up your life!


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