A UK man rang in to a supermarket call center complaining the pizza he had purchased was mistakenly sold to him without toppings, and was nothing more than an empty piece of crust. After spending a couple excruciating minutes going back and forth with an extremely apologetic representative, the man initiating the complaint realized he had simply opened the packaging upside down, and was looking at the bottom side of the pizza.

The man seemed to be extremely embarrassed by his discovery, and immediately owned up to the mistake. Although we’re still wondering how you could fail to notice the cheese and pepperoni spilling out on your counter. From the ridiculous nature of the call it would seem that it was most likely a prank. However, since the story has gotten some press from Telegraph.co.uk and the man’s embarrassment actually sounds remarkably genuine, we’re logging this story as having about a 50 percent chance at being legit. Which is kind of terrifying when you think about it.

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