?I’ve heard it’s important to strive to be the best at whatever you do, so if your primary talent is excessive drinking, why not aim for the stars? An impressively depressing compilation from is featuring the rare champions of drunkness who currently hold the distinction of having the highest blood alcohol content numbers ever recorded.

Among others, the article features the world record holder for highest blood alcohol content ever recorded: Pyotr Petrov. A Bulgarian national, Petrov recorded a mind boggling .91% BAC. Just to give that some perspective, the legal limit is a well-known .08%, and the lethal limit typically begins right around .40%. So, not only was this iron-livered legend of a man 11 times over the legal limit, he was 2 and a quarter times past the point where mere mortals would be dead. Obviously we’re not saying we condone this sort of ludicrous drinking, but it is pretty hard not to be at least a little impressed.

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