​Just like VH1, we love the 80s, so naturally, when we saw The Atlantic had written up a fond farewell to some of the more dated bartending trends we were pretty excited. Sadly, upon reading through the list of 80s drinking trends “that deserve to take the slow ride on a trash barge,” we couldn’t help but think that none of these are going away anytime soon.

As much as we agree that a Bananarama Martini isn’t really a martini, and stupid drink names like “Red Headed Slut” or “Sex on the Beach” tend to be more irritating than amusing, these aren’t so much 80s trends as just ugly realities of going out to a bar. Also, the long island ice tea is about as likely to disappear as the cosmopolitan or the simple rum and coke. It’s hard to tell from the tone of the article whether these are trends the author thinks are on the way out, or just things he’s sick and tired of seeing. If it’s the former then we couldn’t disagree more, but if it’s the latter then we’re ready to climb aboard.

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