After discussing some of the many reasons “real men” don’t eat sliders, we got to thinking about what type of foods would definitively qualify as “manly.” The type of foods that practically beg to be accompanied by a beer, a ballgame, or something equally masculine (motor oil, maybe?). Our criteria might be 100 percent arbitrary, but there’s something about certain foods that just makes them ooze manliness, but not in a gross way. Here are the 8 manliest food items.

8) T-Bone Steak

It’s thick, it’s juicy, and even if that might be “what she said,” a T-bone steak manages to edge out every other cut of meat as the manliest of all the steaks. Not only is it a manly food, it’s a manly nickname to boot.

7) Turkey Leg


Based almost entirely on its imposing size, a turkey leg is a pretty manly food. For some reason, the second you lift a giant turkey drumstick into your hand it instantly conjures images of bludgeoning a vegetarian, ripping off a delicious bite of meat, and letting out an animalistic growl. The food’s manliness is really only called into question by the fact that turkeys are kind of wussy animals and the item tends to pop up at Renaissance Faires.

6) Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is tough as nails and can survive under almost any conditions. It’s pretty much the Clint Eastwood of meats: it’s been around forever and is admired and respected by men everywhere. We’re not really talking about beef sticks or any of that candy-ass nonsense, but rather the strips of dried, salted meat that attack your canines with each and every bite.

5) A Good Old-Fashioned Cheeseburger

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Guy foods might not get any simpler than a good old-fashioned burger. A giant patty of ground beef, a slice of cheese, and hopefully a healthy portion of bacon are all you need for a perfectly self-contained meal. Bonus guy points go to anyone who adds an extra patty even though it’s not officially an option on the menu.

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