Juicing is one of the most popular ways of filling your body with vital nutrients. It can be done to lose weight, to detox the body, to improve your health, and to boost energy levels.

As there are so many juice delivery services available, we have found the top services that tick every box.

Best Juice Delivery Services Reviews

1. Pressed Juicery – Our Top Pick

Pressed Juicery is one of the most popular juice delivery services. Available for in-store pick up, local delivery, and national delivery, this is an all-rounder juice delivery service for beginners and experienced juicers alike. This service started in California and now has over 80 stores nationwide.

Pressed Juicery makes consuming your fruits and vegetables an effortlessly easy task. Their juices range from raw natural greens, citrus fruits, beet-based root juices, almond milk, and even lemonades. You can go from the savory and sugarless Spicy Greens juice to the sweet and guilt-free Chocolate Almond whenever you like!

This service works like a subscription. You pay a certain amount on your account which is then paid monthly. With your account’s limit, you can choose which juices you want each month – which means you swap and change and try all of the juices. You can receive free local delivery for orders over a certain amount and national delivery for larger orders.


  • Range of juices – From vegetables to fruits, lemonades to almond milks, there’s something for everyone
  • Good subscription service – Choose the juices depending on how much you choose to pay monthly
  • Local and nationwide delivery – Can be delivered anywhere


  • No free nationwide delivery – Pricey nationwide delivery


2. Raw Generation – Quick Weight-Loss

Raw Generation is best for those who want to lose weight quickly and safely. They offer multiple weight loss juicing options, ranging from celery juices to protein cleanses, immunity shots to plant-based keto juices.

All of the juices derive from 100% all-natural ingredients which help to flush out toxins with pure goodness. Raw Generation understands that it’s not always easy to eat your five-a-day in fruits and vegetables, and so their juices cut out the hassle of cooking food entirely.

You can order either a 3-day, 5-day, or 7-day supply of six bottles per pack, which can all be frozen for up to 6 months. If you opt for a subscription package, you get a 10% discount!


  • Great for weight loss – Range of raw vegetable, low sugar, protein, and keto juices for weight loss
  • Range of amounts to order – Order 3, 5, or 7-day supplies or a subscription
  • Long-lasting – Can be put in the freezer for 6 months


  • Price – Can be expensive


3. Factor_ – Food Supplement

For those on a diet or those who simply want to get healthier, they will know the struggle of soothing between-meal cravings with snacks. Why not substitute a bag of chips with a healthy, tasty juice?

A lot of the time when people feel peckish, they mostly feel thirsty without knowing it. Factor_ have killed two birds with one stone with their juices, as their drinks are filled with nutrients that help to energize and hydrate the drinkers. Also ideal for drinking before a workout!

These juices come in a four-pack in glass bottles (easy to recycle and reuse) and arrive freshly sealed at your doorstep – similar to meal delivery services.


  • Energy-booster – Packed with vitamins from fruits and vegetables to increase energy levels
  • Snack replacement – Soothes snack cravings between meals
  • Glass bottles – Reusable and recyclable glass bottles ensure to ultimate freshness


  • Not a substitute – Juice works as supplements, not as food substitutes


4. Chef V – Raw Natural Greens

Cleansing your body with raw, natural greens is one of the best forms of detox. Chef V has formulated the ideal vegetable-based detox drinks that are designed to increase metabolism, improve energy levels and skin, and lose weight.

These drinks are blended rather than juiced, so they are as natural as they get. The main ingredients include kale, lettuce, parsley, dandelion greens, and more. This means there are no GMO ingredients!

Raw natural greens are nature’s most powerful antioxidants that are highly beneficial for boosting immunity, strengthening bones, and detoxing the liver.

Chef V offers 1-day, 3-day, and 5-day cleansing options, all of which are delivered at pickup locations.


  • All-natural – Raw natural green blends contain no dairy, nuts, sugar, gluten, soy, or GMO ingredients
  • Detox and weight loss – Natural detox is great for weight loss
  • Nutritional – Nature’s antioxidants are great for providing strength, boosting immunity, and increasing concentration


  • Short shelf-life – Only last 7 days with no frozen options


5. Amarumayu – Exotic Fruits

Translating to “serpent river” in the Indigenous Quechua language, Amarumayu is all about celebrating the wonder of exotic, Amazonian fruits. They offer two popular juices: Buriti and Camu Camu. Not only are they delicious, but they provide a wonderful array of health benefits.

Native to South America, the Buriti juice features a thick blend of buriti, apple, and cocana. This is the closest you will come to orange juice as it offers similar levels of vitamin C, vitamin A, and more. The Camu Camu juice is a lovely pink blend of apple and camu camu, which offers 50% more nutrients than an orange.

When buying from this company, you are directly supporting sustainable harvesting and Indigenous Amazonian communities. Not only are these juices lovely for detoxing purposes, but they can be used in cocktails, smoothies, popsicles, and more.


  • Very tasty – Native South American fruits are delicious
  • Highly nutritious – Buliti and Camu Camu are both more nutritious than orange juice
  • Sustainable – Supporting Indigenous communities and sustainable farming practices


  • Limited flavors – Only two flavor juices


6. Project Juice – Customizable

Something that some juice delivery services often lack is the individuality to customize juicing options. Project Juice, however, celebrates and encourages customers to individualize and customize their juices to suit their preferences.

There are three cleansing options and a variety of juice flavors which provide a wide range for customers to choose from. You can either choose 6 juices per day (all customized) or subscribe to a cleansing service.

Project Juice’s drinks are designed to stop cravings and snacking by increasing metabolism. This is a great way to kickstart a diet because it will get your body craving healthy fruits and vegetables rather than sugary and salty snacks.


  • Customizable – Drinks can be individualized to suit everyone’s needs
  • Good for starting diets – Increases metabolism to stop cravings
  • Organic – Certified organic, GMO-free, and locally sourced ingredients


  • Short shelf-life – Juices must be consumed within 5 days


7. Pulp Story – Wellness Shots

Not everyone has the time to guzzle a whole juice bottle between meals, before the gym, or during work. Pulp Story’s small-sized juices are the perfect large shot of juice that provides the same energy boost as other juices!

Pulp Story’s Wellness Blasts are popular for the key ingredient – turmeric. Turmeric is a brilliant natural anti-inflammatory that has been used as a natural medicine for centuries.

There are six different Wellness Blasts in each delivery (one to be taken per day, so there are 12 bottles for 2 weeks and so on), all of which have varying levels of turmeric spiciness.

The wellness shots are brilliant for boosting energy levels, improving the immune system, and reducing pain.


  • Wellness shots – Quick shot-like drink to consume daily takes seconds to consume
  • Natural anti-inflammatory – Key ingredient turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidants – Boosts energy levels, reduces pain, and improves immunity


  • Spicy – Some of the shots are spicy, which some people might not like


Buyer’s Guide

Benefits of Juicing

There is a multitude of benefits of juicing, from convenience to health improvements.

Whether you want to lose weight, flush out bugs and toxins from your system, boost your energy, or just want to try it – juicing offers benefits for everyone.



It’s not always easy to consume your five-a-day (or near enough) of fruits and vegetables. Buying fresh produce can be costly, the produce can go off, and it can take a while to cook and prepare the food.

Juicing is about providing all of the benefits from consuming fruit and veg without the fuss of preparation and time consumption. It’s all in a bottle to be drunk within minutes, if not seconds!


Easy to Digest

Fruits and vegetables are full of fiber, which is why some people struggle with…ahem…going to the toilet after eating a lot of them. Juicing squeezes out the fiber from the produce by extracting the juice from the pulp and skin, which are highly fibrous.

Whilst juice still provides a nice amount of fiber, this is a lot easier for your body to digest.


Health Benefits

Juicing offers all of the health benefits of fruits, vegetables, spices, and other ingredients – but all in the same convenient bottle. There is such a range of juices available that you can find one for probiotics, protein, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, immunity, and more.

The whole idea of juicing, unless you’re doing a structured detox, is to have a plan where you eat healthily alongside drinking juice. Ditching food completely is unhealthy for the body, so it’s better to have a balanced diet to lose weight safely and quickly.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of juicing?

Extreme juice cleansing will cause negative side effects for the first few days before your body adapts properly. These side effects will include dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and a sense of nausea from lack of food.

Because of these side effects, it’s not recommended to partake in extreme juicing activities if you want to lose weight healthily. Our bodies need food to function properly, after all!

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