In what seems unlikely to become a national trend, one of the Pizza Hut franchises in Texas has started offering beer with their pizza deliveries. The new delivery policy is under close scrutiny from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, who are worried it may lead to alcohol being delivered to minors. As of now, the option to order beer is being restricted to a limited delivery area and the store is completely responsible for upholding all laws regarding the sale of alcohol to minors as well as ensuring any delivery drivers handling the beer are over 18 years old.

Although this little experiment is likely to generate some additional cash for the franchise, it’s yet to be seen just how much of a potential headache this could create. However, this is easily the best new idea to come out of a Pizza Hut in quite some time, and while we might not be able to stand up and cheer for the Tuscani Lasagna, we can definitely get behind the idea of having a six-pack of beer dropped off at our front door.

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