Flickr: Burger Baroness

?In something straight from the “we couldn’t make this stuff up” category, comes a proposal by the New Mexico Senate to reinstate (there was one in the first place?) a tax on items including white flour tortillas, taco shells, salsa and dried chili peppers.

We’re sure there’s a couple of tasteless jokes in there somewhere, but opponents aren’t laughing. The concern is that a tax of this nature will disproportionately affect the poor, who apparently enjoy tortilla-centric meals.

As one New Mexican opposed to the new tax stated so eloquently, “A senator told me if we were in Mississippi, this tortilla business wouldn’t even be an issue. Mr. Senator, we’re not in Mississippi. We’re in New Mexico. We’ve been eating tortillas for a long time.”

Not sure what the people of Mississippi would say to that, but if you live in New Mexico, you might want to stock up on your flour tortillas in the very near future.

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