Social media sites, there are many of them, but there is one definite common denominator to all. We all need food; we love it and can’t live without it. We take a look at a new arena where no one knew there would be a competition to see who is the most passionate about their social media community. We all need food, but true fans bring their love of social media into the kitchen. This opens a new challenge between web communities in which these highly engaged social media sites can battle it out to see who is the best.


?There is great power within social media, and these three extremely passionate communities cannot be ignored. There has long been a rivalry between the Digg and Reddit audiences. Twitter is the relative, yet powerful, newcomer to the arena. Here is a quick trip through the candy shop: cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Then there are the mushrooms and even bacon in a search of food tributes from fans. This week’s food fight is Digg vs. Reddit vs. Twitter…

Digg Cookies


?(image credits:phoopheraw,rafiko)

Digg cookies at home and at work, Digg fans think of and want to be digging even while they are cooking.

Digg Cake & Cupcake


?(image credit: sabor.tijuana,gawker)

Diggnation is a video podcast that is hosted by Digg founder Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. They have a few beers and discuss all things Digg. Diggnation fans have created cake and cupcake tributes.

Diggnation 50th Episode


?(image credit:Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

Diggnation’s 50th episode and 1-year anniversary was marked with a party and live recording at Beach Chalet in San Francisco. It was also marked with this Diggnation cake tribute.

Diggnation 100th Episode


?(image credit:debbiedoescakes)

The cake is not a lie, at least not in this instance. This is the front view of Diggnation’s 100th episode cake. This laptop cake was hand-painted and airbrushed. Do Diggers do it best?

Can you Digg it?


?(image credit:byootaful)

This Digg cake says it all. Can you Digg it?

Confetti Digg With Extra Sprinkles


?(image credit: Viearical,viearical)

Here’s a confetti Digg cake that was dugg out and then doused with even more sprinkles. Digg, dugg, duped, a problem that persists on As a whole, the community of Diggers seem to have put forth the most effort thus far in food tributes.

Digg Bacon?!?!!!


?(image credit: a_codepoet)

Diggers in the kitchen seem to have taken their digging food shovel and put it to the little Reddit alien’s throat. Biased? That is a purely unbiased opinion based upon bacon. He or she who has all things bacon is clearly a winner?

Reddit Cookies & Shrooms


?(image credits:dhreck,andrewsayer)

To be fair, however, the Reddit community accuses Digg and Diggers of one giant dupe. Such comments have been posted in previous Digg vs. Reddit polls. “Every article on Digg was already on Reddit a week ago, that’s why Reddit wins.” Another such comment was to the effect of, “Why would the little guy with the shovel kick the alien’s ass? What planet are you from?!” These are polite examples of the Reddit/Digg social supremacy spats. These Reddit cookies and someone’s mushroom handiwork demonstrate alien on the brain. Like Diggers, Reddit users also want to be on Reddit while in the kitchen and cooking.

Reddit Alien


?(image credits:Christopher,blog.reddit,imgur)

The comments on Reddit can be ruthless and are not recommended for the faint of heart. They can also be funny as hell. Speaking of funny, check out the Reddit alien cake tributes. They are too cute, no?

Reddit Birthday Cakes


?(image credits:Fenchurch!,oldfashionedguy)

Hey, buddy, can you upvote this? There is the Reddit alien yet again. He or she who has a Reddit alien for a birthday cake is a hardcore supporter of social media site Reddit. That person <3 Reddit and finds it to be the winner.

Twitter Bird


?(image credits:natuba,Bagel Me!,aimeewenske)

Last, but certainly not least, in the food fight challenge is Twitter. The Twitter bird is Tweeting up a storm on those cakes. Only in the Twitterverse would Tweeps think up something as utterly cool and cute as Twitterpops, which were used at a New Year’s Eve party. Is Twitter taking over the social media site world one Tweet, one lick, at a time?

Cakes: Follow Me & Retweet Please!


?(image credits:ted,Test Match Special)

Twitter has issued plenty of challenges between Tweeters. Both cakes above are based upon the users’ love of Twitter, but also in an attempt at humor as well as more followers. Twitter is, after all, all about follow me! Retweet me! It’s been proven that these micro-messages can move across the globe in a blink.

Twitter Fail Whale


?(image credit: Chris “RockNRollGeek” @rocknrollgeek Darbro)

Ironically, one favorite theme beloved amongst Tweeters is the weakest link in Twitter. The infamous Fail Whale has also been immortalized in food. At least, until it was gobbled up. Even a touch more funny is that this fail whale cake came along with a posted request to Digg it.

Tweetup: Massive Twitter Fail Whale


(image credit: wildflourbakery)

Twitter has great Tweeple and continues to grow like crazy. The giant Fail Whale was created for the Lawrence, Kansas Tweet-Up. Can you say, “Om nom nom nom?!”

Who do you think wins this Digg vs. Reddit vs. Twitter food fight challenge? If you would like your social media site considered in a food fight challenge, please leave a comment, and I will add them to the roster. If you have pictures to show your food-fan-love of your social media site, please let me know and I will include them in a future article.

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