​If you’ve somehow managed to keep your head in the sand and avoid the hip-hop allure of cognac, your education starts now. Cognac.com has published a list of 15 things you should know before trying cognac, and despite doing a bit of shameless self promotion, there are a few worthwhile tips for the uninitiated. Even though they might seem fairly obvious to anyone who enjoys their alcohol consumption as a process rather than a means to an end, Cognac.com’s list of 15 items could easily be whittled down to these two basic rules: don’t mix it and don’t shoot it.

Still, for anyone spending more time staring at “aroma wheels” and waiting for the perfect occasion to polish off the second half of the bottle from last Christmas, remember that cognac runs the risk of oxidization and you should try to finish any bottles within six months. The only thing worse than never having tried cognac is letting a good bottle go to waste.

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