Flickr: Joey Yen

​Are you tired of those pesky jackets and coats getting in the way of your beer drinking festivities? Too lazy to change from couch potato garb to going out clothes? Worry no more. The Snuggie pub crawl has made its way into American culture and shows no signs of backing down. Here are just a few spots to find out where you can don this sleeved blanket and get your drink on.

A blog dedicated solely to the Snuggie pub crawl phenomenon:

More links after the jump.

Chicago’s site for Snuggie pub crawling:

They even have a twitter stream.

Seattle didn’t want to be left out of the festivities:

Philadelphia was cool with it too:

Claiming to be the “original” Snuggie pub crawlers over in Ohio:

For Snuggie pub crawls in your neck of the woods, just google “Snuggie Pub Crawl” and let the madness begin.

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