​A few months ago we offered up 10 signs you might be a picky eater. However, in spite of pointing out many of the tendencies finicky diners have when it comes to what they’re willing to eat, there are still plenty of people out there who are perpetually deluding themselves into thinking they’re being open minded. So, as an additional public service, we’ve compiled a list of 5 signs you’re only fooling yourself if you claim to be anything less than a picky eater.

1) You Claim to Not Like Something You’ve Never Actually Tried

You don’t like mussels? Okay. Have you ever had them?

Saying you don’t like something before you’ve actually tried it is the type of behavior that should be reserved for 3-year-olds who don’t know better. Not grown men who get grossed out by “icky” looking things.

2) You’re Never in the Mood for Thai Food

What sounds good one day might not be at the top of your list the next, but if you’re never in the mood for a specific type of food, maybe you just don’t like it.

Really, you haven’t wanted Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, or Malaysian food for the past six months? Methinks it’s not that you’re never “in the mood,” and you’re actually just being picky.

3) It’s Beef, Chicken, or Bust

Your range of proteins has about as much variety as the Old Country Buffet carving station. If you can’t find a steak, a chicken breast, or a hamburger, you’ll consider getting downright crazy and having a pork chop.

Seafood, shellfish, lamb, and other game meats are absolutely out of the question.

4) Your Steak Request Takes More than Two Words to Explain

Wait, so you don’t want your steak “well done” because someone told you (correctly) you’d be ruining the steak…but you don’t want any pink in it because you don’t like it that rare? Well, I’ve got news for you, no matter what you call it, you just described a well done steak.

Next time keep it simple and your server probably won’t think you’re such a picky a-hole.

5) You Request Multiple Substitutions Every Time You Order

There’s nothing wrong with changing things up every now and then, but if you’re asking the waiter to rewrite the menu with your food preferences in mind you’re probably taking things a bit too far. Wanting to sub vegetables for a baked potato is one thing, but if you’re hoping to mix and match from three different entrees you might want to ask yourself why there’s not a single option on the menu you’d be happy with.

Obviously it can’t be that you’re way too picky…right?

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