​A couple days ago, MentalFloss published a list of the top 10 secret menu items, obviously featuring the common knowledge In-N-Out Burger items such as “Animal Style” and “Protein Style.” However, upon looking over the list it seems like the vast majority of these “secret items” are indeed well kept secrets. So well kept in fact, that I’m a bit reluctant to try ordering them for fear of being met with a blank stare and an irritated “could you just order something off the menu.”

With the exception of the short size at Starbuck’s, I’ve never actually seen a person order any of these super secret menu options. So, before making an ass of myself by ordering a candy-based smoothie at Jamba Juice, I wanted to check with you guys. Is anyone a part of this mysterious Illuminati-like underground food club? And if so, can you tell us all about it without being banned for life? Us outsiders would really appreciate your help.

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