Flickr: cygnus921

?According to a recent article in EatingWell magazine, one of the healthiest fish in the sea is the sardine. Yes, that little guy hiding behind the thin layer of tin in your grandfather’s cupboard doused in tomato sauce is actually really, really good for you. Who knew that hobos were such a forward thinking band of train hoppers?

Sardines are healthy, tasty and very sustainable, specifically wild-caught from the Pacific. They have lots more of the coveted omega-3 fatty acids than most other fish and usually don’t contain toxins, like some of the larger, predatory fish.

So grab a bandana, pack all your belongings in it, tie it to the end of a stick, grow a 5 o’clock shadow, jump on a train and open that tin of sardines. You just might live a long and healthy life.

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