Flickr: Phil Sellens
The actual plant, marsh mallow or althaea officinalis

?Thanks to Minute to Win It , the strangely addictive game show on NBC hosted by our favorite food guy, Guy Fieri, we learned that marshmallows aren’t a recent food invention.

According to the British lady that does voiceover for the show’s minute-long game instructions, pharaohs in ancient Egypt enjoyed these puffy pillows of sugar, although they probably weren’t pink, green or jet puffed.

The Campfire Marshmallows website states that close to 4,000 years ago, Egyptians discovered that the sap from the mallow plant, growing in the marshes (hence the name, marsh and mallow combined) could be combined with honey to make a very royal and sweet confection. This ancient marshmallow was reserved for kings and gods, and was the basis for our modern day candy favorite, although gelatin has since replaced the mallow sap.

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