Over the past couple months we’ve already reported on two separate incidents involving irate diners calling 9-1-1 because they were unhappy with their food service. Now yet another food emergency has occurred, and this time it involves a significant lack of shrimp in a customer’s fried rice.

Yesterday a tape was released of a Texas woman calling 9-1-1 to report a crime in progress: she was eating “shrimp fried rice” and there just wasn’t enough shrimp. Naturally, the woman requests, “to get a police officer up here,” and complains about the fact that she can’t get a refund on her meal, however, it’s all in vain. When a police officer finally arrived on the scene, the woman was no longer there, and she never ended up getting her extra shrimp.

Once again the lesson appears to be that 9-1-1 just doesn’t care about customer satisfaction.

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