We’ve already offered up some quality tips on how to impress a girl with food, but regardless of whether you’re trying to show off or just aiming for a relaxing dinner for two, sometimes you don’t feel like doing the heavy lifting yourself. Fortunately, these 7 restaurants from across the country are so romantic you really can’t go wrong.

Broward-Palm Beach

Christine’s Restaurant and Jazz Bar

If you’re looking for the best place to take someone when you really need to get laid, there are plenty of bars by the beach with three-for-one drink specials. And if you’re looking for dinner with an amazing view of the skyline or the water, this isn’t your place either. What you get here is a…More >>


Avanti Ristorante

Avanti is one of the best restaurants in Uptown, and it certainly ranks as the most romantic. The dim lighting, small and intimate dining area and classy look make for the perfect dating experience. The live music also adds to the romantic appeal. It’s not a loud, intrusive sound that interrupts…More >>

The interior of Dallas’ Avanti Ristorante


Buena Vista Bistro

— I brought you here because it’s a romantic little bistro where we can talk with one another over escargots, some slices of baguette, a bottle of red wine… plus I thought you would especially enjoy it because you’re French. — I’m from Antigua. Didn’t you read my profile? –…More >>


King and I Thai

In some ways, our ideas about romantic dining are a little baffling. Sitting at a table with a starched white tablecloth, fearing the moment you might drop a fork, just isn’t very libidinous. Feeling comfortable is romantic, and so is putting a flower from your drink in your hair. And what could…More >>

An impressive spread at King and I Thai in Minneapolis

Orange County

The Cellar

If you’ve ever wanted to dine at a beautiful French winery minus the chilly temperature and concrete floors that amplify your private conversations, then the Cellar is the perfect, romantic rendezvous. Modeled after French wine cellars in Burgundy, it’s tucked away in Fullerton’s…More >>



If you’re going to get your mojo working, it helps to have a sexy setting. At elements, the fine-dining spot at Sanctuary on Camelback, every aspect of the restaurant seems designed to conjure up romance, from sleek furnishings and an unforgettably gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains to…More >>



Ah, a romantic evening out with your lover of all things deathly. A little Marilyn Manson on the stereo as you dress, an extra tug on your corset strings for a paler, more emaciated appeal. Perhaps you can drain off a vial of your blood, mixed with Spanish fly, to whet your beloved’s appetite….More >>

The interior of Seattle’s Tavolata

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