A while back we linked to a list from Oddee highlighting 10 of the worst restaurant names ever. Yesterday, a website, charmingly called Belt Drive Betty, reminded us there were plenty of horribly chosen restaurant names to go around, and posted several noteworthy additions. Browsing through their list of terrible restaurant names, it’s hard not to question the validity of a few of the entries. Establishments like Vagina Tandoori and Bung Hole look suspiciously like Photoshop may have played a strong role in their ill-conceived name, and in fact, after hours of exhaustive and thorough research (one google search) you can eventually find the following original photo.

Obviously you could go through and fact check each and every amusingly poor restaurant name, or you can scroll through them at a rapid fire pace and get a few cheap laughs. We decided to opt for the latter.

Shopped! Or is it?

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