​As reported by the Consumerist, McDonald’s is suing a 19-year-old girl with the last name McClusky for having the audacity to start a charity campaign to raise money for the Chicago Chapter of the Special Olympics…and calling her event McFest. Since, apparently anything with the “Mc” prefix is one-hundred percent McDonald’s intellectual property, McDonald’s says they are legally obligated to “guard against third parties that infringe our trademarks.”

It would be one thing if this was a case of a business trying to profit from McDonald’s well-established brand, but suing someone who hosted a charity event in support of a charity McDonald’s also sponsors seems like kind of a dick move. Obviously, I’m no lawyer, but it seems like McDonald’s could do a better job picking their battles when it comes to the use of their sacred prefix.

What say you? Should McFest be burned to the ground by the McDonald’s legal team?

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