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​Today has been deemed National Margarita Day by, well, someone… So, to celebrate this possibly cold, blustery day (depending on your location of course), grab a blender, some tequila and a few other ingredients and shiver outside on the patio in honor of the occasion.

Since most of the country is a bit chilly today, we’re providing you with a recipe for a margarita that will actually heat things up. Cheers! Recipe after the jump.

Jalapeno Margaritas:
(from Food Network Magazine)

6 oz. fresh lime juice
1 thinly sliced jalapeno
Handful of celery leaves
Spoonful of powdered sugar
16 oz. of good tequila
8 oz. of orange liqueur

For frozen margaritas, put ingredients into blender with ice and blend until smooth. If on the rocks, muddle the first three ingredients or pulse in a blender, and mix with remaining ingredients and serve on the rocks.

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