We’ve discussed some of the reasons it might be worth it to embrace buffet dining, and we’ve also laid out the ugly truth about what you’re getting when you eat at a buffet, so, when we stumbled across a “how-to” article on saving money by eating at buffets it seemed worth taking a look at. The article featured on eHow is titled, “How to Save Money Eating at Buffet Restaurants” and it focuses exclusively on the cost-saving benefits of choosing to go the all-you-can eat route instead of paying by the plate like a sucker. Even though it’s hard to argue against the bang for your buck you can get at a buffet, it seems like the article is kind of turning this into a fast-food or buffet argument and leaving actual quality on the sidelines.

So, what do you think, are buffets the smart way to go, or are most of them just too low quality to justify, even after factoring in the potential savings?

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